First Wild Photo Shoot

I am happy to report that last week marked my first official photo shoot for The WILD Magazine (insert cheering and fist pumping here).  What began with a seven hour stint of meeting models, aka a casting, organized by talented casting director, Preston Chaunsumlit, was quickly followed by insane NYC errand-running.  But not to worry, the glamour of styling a shoot for a high-end glossy was only marginally diminished by the incessant schlepping.  I say “marginally” because honestly, visiting Gio Diev‘s showroom, and swinging by Ben Amun is never really an issue.  And then the day of the shoot arrived… yes, it was an early morning (I hate the morning)… but I was too excited to be anything other than annoyingly chipper (sorry, Guillaume, best creative director ever).  The girls showed up right on time.  The designer, Hogan, flew in from Chicago.  Marek, the photographer worked his insane magic (complete with wind machine), and everything fell into it’s perfect place.

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