Happy Holidays: Sale Season Is Here


Though Black Friday is officially over, holiday deals are just beginning.  If you braved the cold, camped out in an infamous allnighter-line beneath a makeshift cardboard shelter, or woke up at 3am to be at Macy’s, JCPenney, or [insert random Black Friday superstore here] by 4am, then you either one, love the excitement of ripping a designer top out of some unsuspecting woman’s hand, or two, you are a sucker for a good deal.  Either way, you had your shot and now it’s sale season for the rest of us.

Madison Avenue is literally chock full of designer discounts: generally 30%-40% off of most accessories and up to 50% off of clothes.  Check out your neighborhood Saks for additional discounts on already reduced merchandise.  And if the idea of wrestling a pair of Louboutin pumps out of your fashion nemesis’ death grip is crazy intimidating and reason enough for you to stay home, have no fear, markdowns will likely continue until holiday season is unmistakably over (read: January).  Happy shopping!

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