Vita Fede Galore

Luciano Cono Bracelet

So there are bracelet stacks, and then there are bracelet stacks.  Vita Fede cuff bracelets fall strictly in the latter category.  Start with a basic Titan Bracelet in yellow gold (think: cuff bracelet with spiky cone ends).  Add a Luciano Cono Bracelet in rose gold (just like the Titan Bracelet but with bolt detail and onyx tips).  Add a Mini Titan Crystal Bracelet in any color, and BAM, instantly gorgeous, instantly classic arm-party.  If spikes aren’t totally up your alley, the  Cubo Eclipse bracelet is another knockout that comes in lots of variations.  If bling is your thing, grab one with a micro pavé crystal tip.  And if you prefer a more modern look, the basic version looks awesome when paired with a Mini Omega Bracelet.  All in all, pick up a handful of Vita Fede cuffs, pair ’em any which way, and get ready to receive an endless slew of compliments.  Happy shopping!

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